Why do #IRiDE?

 In Motivation

Everyone has a why—their purpose, intention or reason—that motives them, drives them, inspires them. Here’s mine:

Why do #IRiDE?

I ride because I have been inspired. Every day I wake up and am part of a movement that is helping change people’s lives. That’s powerful. That’s a game changer. And it gives me this overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness.

Our SHiFT employees will be the first to admit that I’m a crier. When I talk about what we do at SHiFT, my eyes fill with tears of happiness. I am inspired by our community. I look back at when we started in April 2014 with a few instructors and whole lot of determination to create a unique place where everyone can make a SHiFT. Today, I look around and see the smiling faces of our adaptive riders, the success of our kids program and the electric vibes in all of our classes and I am reminded that we inspire each other.

And at the same time, I ride to inspire. I want everyone to know that no matter where they are or what they’re doing, they can always make a SHiFT. It was four years ago that my son Karsten and I relocated to Connecticut and it was then that I decided to follow my passion for people and leave my 9-5 corporate job. It’s a constant reminder that you will what you want. You want know what you want. I want to inspire others to become the best version of themselves.

I ride because I’ve been affected. Day in and day out I am privileged to see #rockstar riders walking into our studios. Everyone has a story and they’re a constant reminder that we are a catalyst for growth, challenge and change. We pedal with a purpose. We leave it all there, sweat and tears, in that dark room with loud music. We get lost in the moment and we create magic! And for 55 minutes we inhale the possibilities and exhale the burdens from our days, weeks and lives. Our laughter, banter and energy is infectious and it’s addicting.

The people in my life, they move me. That’s why #IRiDE.

Why do you?