TBT- An Unexpected Event Recharts Aja’s Life Course

SHiFT Cycling’s newest Rockstar, Aja Greene, is already something of a celebrity on the Shoreline. For the last 15 years Aja has inspired countless individuals, through her sweaty and spirited teaching.

Boot Camp, TRX, and of course, Indoor Cycling, students are known to become truly addicted to the super charge of energy and enthusiasm you feel when in her presence.

Let’s Throw it Back this Thursday , and find out a bit of our Wonder Woman’s origin story.

This first picture is of Aja at her college graduation circa 2002, and the next photo, exactly one year later in 2003, she is holding her newborn son.

In May of 2002, Aja graduated with a degree in clinical nutrition and was en route to Boston for a two year internship which would culminate in a career at Mass General Hospital. Life intervened, and one year later, her unexpected, yet exceptional, family had begun.

The plan had SHiFTed. How Aja reacted to that SHiFT, cemented in her a resilience, a tenacity and a fearlessly positive energy that has become the hallmark of her being.

Needing to find a new career to fit her family, Aja’s omnipresent love of fitness took the lead. The response Aja received from her students was overwhelmingly positive. Feeling her passion and purpose merge, Aja decided to dedicate her life to fitness. Becoming a personal trainer, teaching just about every single format, working with hundreds of athletes as the head coach of a prominent Shoreline triathlon group, serving as a Fitness Director. . .all incredible feats that were born out of an unforeseen, yet unforgettable, life SHiFT.

The best part? Aja is now a mother of three beautiful children. Her house is always full of tweenagers and she always seems to have a baby on her hip. Her family is an extension of her strength and her strength is a testament to shedding light and love towards life’s greatest SHiFTs.

As we Throw it Back this Thursday with Aja Green, let us all take the time to reflect on the SHiFTs in our lives that truly shape us for the better.

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger, Emily Webster.