TBT – Say Hello to Shannon Circa 2007

Shannon is one of our Rockstar instructors who is known for her power and strength.

She has always been an athlete, but that doesn’t mean Shannon didn’t struggle with the way she saw herself. There were years of ups and downs. In her Junior year of college, as she soared as a lacrosse star, she felt a peace and a pride in her body.

Two years out of school, the pounds, and the panic set in. A preoccupation wth weighing herself 3 to 4 times a day gave her an addiction to what the scale said dictated the way Shannon felt about herself. Shannon remembered the rush she got from playing sports, that feeling of accomplishment and acceptance, and knew that it was time to make a SHiFT.

Connecting to her inner athlete, Shannon put her energy into her new job, working at a gym in Vermont. Back on track, feeling motivated and fueled by the endorphin high of working out, Shannon then became an instructor. Teaching five to seven different fitness classes a week, Shannon began to find a renewed sense of security in her body. It was then she figured out the connection, good workouts, good vibes, good body…

The best SHiFT was yet to come. Moving back home, Shannon’s awesome Mom (fellow SHiFTer Jan) introduced Shannon to Jenn. Lucky for us, SHiFT had become a huge part of Shannon’s life! In Shannon’s class, we all find that warrior athlete, we all find that acute sense of accomplishment which keeps us on our road to healthy strong APPRECIATED bodies. Shannon shares that connection and care, that love and light, with every SHiFTer.

Shannon’s motto is “never Judge people because you never know where someone is on their journey to success”

Find Shannon, and her brand of inspiration will take you on that journey and lead you to your success. Check out her class in Guilford on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm

Written by SHiFT instructor or guest blogger Emily Webster.