TBT – Nichole Devotes Herself To Fitness

It’s Throw Back Thursday! Say Hello to our very own Nichole circa 2010, five years ago.

What you should know about this photo is how it signifies Nichole’s triumphant emergence as the rockstar fitness powerhouse that she is today.

It is hard to imagine but there was once a time when Nichole didn’t have energy to take a walk on the beach with her husband. She struggled like so many of us do, with finding the impetus  to make positive changes to her diet and exercise regimes. Nichole decided to hire a personal trainer. It was then, armed with some information and inspiration, that Nichole realized what she was made of! And good thing for all of us SHiFTers, Nichole devoted her life to fitness.

Did you know Nichole was the the very first employee Jenn hired?!

No matter how big a crowd her classes attract, Nichole always gives every rider the “personal trainer” experience that she benefited from years ago. Connection, Knowledge, TONS of fun (can you say iggy azeala?!) and now enough energy to RUN the length of the beach!

Thank you Nichole for motivating us through your personal SHiFT.

So throw it back this Thursday and think about how far you’ve come … And how much further you can go!