TBT- Michael exudes Leadership and Strength

Like most kids, Michael grew up playing sports and being active. His supportive parents encouraged him to try soccer, skiing, tennis the whole gamut. It wasn’t until Michael went away to boarding school, however, that he found the sport that became a deep and defining part of his life. The opportunity to participate in rowing SHiFTed his life forever. To this very day, Michael carries the fundamentals of rowing with him and it remains a very deep and defining part of who he is!

SHiFTing his focus to being an active youth to a full blown rowing superstar, Michael hooked on to the life lessons imparted by his pursuit. Sure you have to be in peak physical fitness to power the boat down a course, but just as importantly you have to be totally in sync with the other crew. In rowing, tenths of a second can determine if you won or you lost a race. That relationship to team work and time have helped shape and SHiFT Michael’s perspective on the life he lives today.

The power of our athletic pursuits seeps into our daily lives, as Michael’s story articulates.

Michael’s rides bring you the focus and fun he found through his years of rowing. In his class, you feel you are always on the winning team! We are so grateful Michael took that opportunity back in boarding school to SHiFT himself and emerge as the rockstar leader that he is today.

So Throw it Back this Thursday, make every tenth of a second count, and find your true SHiFT!

Catch Michael at SHiFT Cycling in New Haven Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Written by Instructor and guest blogger, Emily Webster.