Transformations are happening everyday at SHiFT Balance. Transformations are not about becoming a new person but becoming a  better stronger version of who we were always meant to be. Laura Luther’s throw back photos are a perfect articulation of such an emergence!

The  first photo below is Laura in 2010 just three months before she found her love of Group Fitness, and the second photo is just this past Summer in Disney, revealing Laura as the super fit Rockstar instructor that she is today!!!
Laura is proof positive that is never too late to change your life while maintaining the smile and spirit of who you are. Family will always come first to Laura. She is the proud mother of 13 year old twin boys.  Laura SHiFTs her Balance everyday, with her sought after Kickboxing classes, as a full time Spanish teacher, a dedicated Mom, a wife to her wonderful husband of the last 26 years Chris,  and she is in the best shape of her life at age 44. 
Finding strength has helped define Laura’s sense of self and she approaches her varied endeavors with a confidence that she in turn can’t wait to pass on to others. Her 5:00 am classes are filled with like minded bodies looking to tackle the day and the world around with them with fierce determination. 
As we throw it back this Thursday with Laura, we celebrate the changes she made and the smile that she kept the same! 2017 here is to SHiFTing ourselves to that stronger place !!! See you in the studio!