TBT- With Kevin, it’s all about the love!

How much do we LOVE this picture of Kevin circa 1977?!  How much do we LOVE Kevin?

In fact as we throw it back this Thursday with Kevin Glassbrook, it’s all about the LOVE.

As a kid growing up, Kevin LOVED  riding his bike. You could always find him on his bike.In the woods, fields, going to school… pedaling meant freedom! Never seeing it as “exercise”, getting outside, riding anywhere and everywhere was a source of energy entertainment and enjoyment for Kevin. That is what a “kev class”  is for us SHiFTers. He is your source of energy, entertainment and enjoyment.

Though his classes are known to break records in power output and calorie burning, for a moment we forget we are exercising, and all we feel is the LOVE.

Kevin’s brand of encouragement, invites you to SHiFT the way you perceive an hour of “working out”. With Kevin you will find the carefree abandon and JOY of a child on the open road!  In Kevin’s class, today are the “good ole days”. Ask anyone who rides with Kevin, and they will all say how much they LOVE the experience!

That’s why we have added more Kevin to the schedule. Monday nights and the mornings on Friday and Sunday…get ready to LOVE your ride.So throw it back this Thursday, dig out your own retro class picture, SHiFT it to the sunny side of the road and feel the LOVE!  
Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger Emily Webster.