TBT – Kaila Maus feels the #SHiFTLUV

We don’t have to throw it back too far to find Kaila’s most memorable SHiFT!

Here she is in June of 2014. Coming home from College, Kaila was battling low self-esteem. Feeling out of sorts physically and emotionally, Kaila vowed to take care of herself. When she found SHiFT, she found a gateway into a whole new era. 

“The biggest SHiFT I’ve made in my life was honestly the day I stepped foot in SHiFT!”

What Kaila found in class transcended any traditional workout. Immersing herself in SHiFT rides, Kaila found that the same inspiration that got her through a 55 minute class, was also getting her through life’s bigger challenges. Taking lots of signature “Jenn” rides, Kaila learned that “big differences come from small changes…and that when you become uncomfortable, THAT is when the magic happens”

Finding “ME”time became an integral part of Kaila’s life. It was through that pursuit that she realized she wanted to be there for the community, she wanted to help fellow SHiFTers articulate their quest for self examination, reflection and improvement ! For Kaila the confidence she found on that bike, extended into her life, and it wasn’t long before she realized where she wanted that new found zeal to land. . .right back at SHiFT.

After rocking one of the first classes ever held at SHiFT New Haven, she reached out personally to Jenn. Effusively sharing her love for SHiFT, Kaila expressed how she wanted very much to be a part of the SHiFT movement. Always being led by a bold and beautiful vision, our fearless leader Jenn Kuehn, told Kaila “You already are part of it!”

That philosophy of inclusion and inspiration is what has made Kaila such a dynamic member of our team, “I try to keep in mind that you never know what some one is going through, everyone who walks through our door has a different story—you never know how far a smile can go…”

And just how far can Kaila go? Fast forward 7 months and she is fulfilling her dream of becoming an instructor. An already requested, and beloved ROCKSTAR instructor. Kaila’s classes are earning rave reviews with one rider citing that Kaila’s positive energy on the bike made her find the “sweet in the sweat”. . now that is high praise! Trading in doubt for doing and fears for friends, Kaila is immersed in the SHiFT universe. Kaila has a particular brand of empathy for our riders needing a boost, and energy to spare for the entire community.

“Working at SHiFT has given me so much more than an awesome job, it has given me self confidence, an incredible stress reliever, a hobby, a passion and most importantly a group of people that lifts me up and constantly pushes me to be the best possible version of myself.”

So let’s all Throw it Back this Thursday and remember a moment when we found out what we really love. Kaila Maus we ALL love you!!