TBT, John Yi

This Thursday we throw it back to the days when our AMAZING ROCKSTAR Instructor John Yi was in middle school.  Are we loving the braces and long hair ? Back then John was feeling the awkward more than the love . . .A self declared “total nerd” John struggled with most things athletic and gravitated towards the academic. We can all see though, that behind that tentative smile, a true force of unbridled energy was waiting to contribute on high to the world around him. 

That kid who didnt pursue athletic endeavors is now one of the most popular instructors at SHiFT! His leadership is marked by motivation and musicality. As are many of John’s other pursuits. Middle school John from the beach has come a long, long way!

John is the Director of Recruitment for theYale Office of Undergraduate Admissions. He is also Co-Chair for theYale LGBTQ Affinity Group. He has found a way to use his cerebral “total nerd” attributes and put them to excellent use in the professional realm.

Want to see that smile post braces? Want to hear John find that love? John’s dynamic leadership finds a worthy home as Music Director of Whats On Tap, New Haven’s post grad a cappella group. Many other SHiFTers are a part of Whats On Tap, another example of synergy and energy coming together at SHiFT.

John gives generously of his many talents as he sprints down flats and climbs up hills. His classes are packed with  devotees who attribute their sore legs and soaring spirits to his incredible work outs. There is an exuberance and exhilaration that John carries with him and then passes on to every single rider in his class. 

So this Thursday look back at those middle school moments and instead of cringing at the struggles once felt, CELEBRATE how far you have come. Do you remember the moment the braces came off? Or the bangs grew out? Or when  you first felt connected to your body? Have you found a way to take the good bad and awkward and make them all work for you?

We are so glad John Yi did. . . don’t miss the opportunity to ride, evolve, transcend and SHiFT with him!!!

Written by Emily Webster, check out her leaderboard free SHiFT B class Wednesdays 915