TBT Joanne our Booty Barre, Wanderlust Warrior

It started with SHiFT Cycling and then a few years later we added SHiFT Balance. It takes evolution to start a revolution. We are about progressing not just maintaining and the same can be said about our ROCKSTAR instructors.

Lets throw it back this Thursday and meet Joanne our Beautiful Booty Barre instructor who is all about moving forward. Joanne rocks that form, focus, strength and stability like no other . . .but her journey to get here has been one of many SHiFTs!

Jo is originally from the UK and after graduating she did a prestigious three year apprenticeship as a hairstylist. Within the next 2 years, Joanne had solidified herself and built a great clientele. Success was found, but Joanne describes being “plagued by a wanderlust” Such a poetic way of saying, her fearless heart was ready to make a SHiFT. 

In 1991, nannying brought Jo to the United States. She began her time in Miami with a lovely family. That aforementioned wanderlust? It still nagged on Joanne and so an epic backpacking sojourn across the USA with family and friends ensued. Those three months of traveling by foot and by the rails resulted in a love for California. So Joanne landed on the west coast. Going back to her “roots”, Joanne procured her cosmetology license.
With talent and tenacity, our very own Joanne, worked at one of the worlds most desirable Beverly Hills Salons, the iconic, Umberto.

The best kind of SHiFT occurred in this era of Jo’s life. She became a wife, to Chris, and mom, to Nicholas. Chris worked as a teacher for Beverly Hills High School, but when a job presented itself on the East Coast, ever up for the adventure, still plagued with a touch of that wanderlust, Jo and her family moved back East. And how lucky we are that they did!

Joanne is proud to say “I have worked out as long as i can remember” . . Jane Fonda as a teen, Billy Banks in his original Studio City gym. Chris, too,  had been a personal trainer so being active is an intrinsic part of their family’s lives. As she so admirably declares, excerise is  “second to breathing for us”

In 2012, Joanne began taking Barre classes. It conjured up positive memories of childhood ballet while also motivating her to make another profound SHiFT. Finding a powerful physical and spiritual awakening, a “poise and posture”, Joanne new she wanted to spread the love and share this movement with others. For Joanne, “It is a lifestyle workout. . .everyone can find the best version of themselves.”

Come to any of Joanne’s classes and you will see her wanderlust led her to our SHiFT sanctuary with  perfect synergy. And we lucky SHiFTers get to be transported as she helps us find length and strength core and courage 

We encourage you to SHiFT yourself in bold new directions – in and out of our studio! 

Written by guest blogger Emily Webster 

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