TBT- Jessica, Summer of 2013, in Kigali, Rwanda

This Thursday as we take a backward glance with Jessica, lets all go on a little journey. Maybe not all the way to Rwanda, but to that place inside where our workouts become not just a chore but a choice, not just a “to do” but a
“TA DA”!New to our team of instructors, Jessica made a profound and poignant SHiFT in how she approached her daily workouts. A self proclaimed “jock”, Jessica grew up playing and excelling in team sports from early childhood through high school. In college, still needing to find a physical stimuli and outlet, the courts and fields, soon became gyms.

From jock to “gym rat”, Jessica made sure she kept in shape and got in her workouts, but it became routine as opposed to revelatory. Suddenly exercise took on a nebulous form of “going to the gym”. An undefined and obligatory check off the list and no longer an intentional, purposeful holistic approach to improve physical and mental well being.Thank goodness, Jessica soon became acquainted with indoor cycling and Pilates. After five years as an avid participant, as the missing components to her work outs started to emerge, Jessica became a top notch instructor. She made the SHiFT from “I should” to “I WANT”. SHiFTing, Yoga, Hiking… all ways of boosting energy, defying doubt, combating stress, cultivating community, all the best things in life!

Next stop on this journey – anywhere you want to go! Realizing that we can take fitness with us, everywhere we go, is an incredible SHiFT in our orientation to exercise. From team sports to gym floors to transcendent moments on our bikes, we carry that with us wherever we travel. Jessica’s connection to  body, mind, spirit, informs her ride to give you the workout of a lifetime!!

Jessica is an athlete and a healer. As a nurse practitioner, Jessica imparts to all that  “maintaining a personal fitness practice markedly shapes health and overall quality of life.”

Making your workout a part of your day is noble, making your workout the BEST part of your day, that’s SHiFTing.

So Throw it Back This Thursday and see just how far you can stretch . . .Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger, Emily Webster.