This week we Throw it Back with Jacqueline! Everyone of us has a backstory and Jackie’s just may surprise you.

Jacqueline was a competitive ballroom dancer from ages 5 to 18 years! Oh yeah thats where she gets her energy, spirit, musicality, and strength. Growing up in a Russian community in Brooklyn, Jacqi had a natural talent that was cultivated through discipline and desire, and she found success at a very young age. Learning poise, presence, stamina and style, Jacqueline travelled the world with her dance partner and came to know the excitement of being an artist and an athlete.

SHiFTs occur when we least expect them. As is the tradition in the dance community, as Jacqueline matured, she began teaching dance to the younger children at her studio. It was then she realized two fundamental truths that would shape the rest of her life. She loves the role of instructor and she loves working with children. It also was a time in Jacqueline’s life when she had to assess other aspects of her well being. Jackie new in order to be a more well rounded individual, she would have to step a way a bit from dance. Ever one to stay uber challenged, Jacqueline SHiFTed from dance into. . .. dentistry! Yep, dance to dentistry ? How many of us can inhabit so many worlds? How many of us can recognize when it is time to work new muscles. . .and explore new challenges?  That is the true SHiFT spirit.

When Jacqueline quit dance to focus on school work , she went through what she called a “major depression” Missing the endorphins of music and movement, she discovered the gym “I remember bringing my organic chemistry textbook to the gym, and memorizing formulas while on the elliptical!” Athlete artist student SUPERSTAR was born.

Over achieving Jackie has found a way to incorporate her ambitions and aspirations and we are the lucky SHiFT community that benefits from her abilities. Jacqueline’s life encompasses those discoveries she made long ago. Love of children, Love of instructing. . . Now a pediatric dental resident, and a venerated SHiFT instructor, she is SHiFTing herself to new heights everyday, and taking us along on the worthy road.

“I can’t tell you enough about how grateful and happy I am to be part of the SHiFT fam. The people who comprise it are strong, warm hearted, and passionate. True role models. Being a member of the SHiFT family feeds my soul like my dance studio family did back in the day”

Don’t miss her classes in New Haven!

So lets Throw it Back with Jacqueline . . . dance to dentistry were on Jacqueline’s course to SHiFT. What brings you to the bike?!