TBT -Go on Adventure with Kacey Shepherd

This Golden Goddess is SHiFT rockstar Kacey Shepherd riding the waves in Australia, 2010.

As you can see from this photo Kacey is a fit and fearless, dynamic warrior woman. It’s not just about athletic, for Kacey its about adventure . . . Turning workouts from “to dos” to “TA DAS”

Kacey runs marathons, rocks the basketball court, hits the beach for volleyball, and even snowboards. Lucky for us indoor cycling has ignited a light within Kacey, and us SHiFTers get to bask in her Sunshine.

Kacey has found a perfect home for her boldness and bravery at SHiFT. She designs each course to help us SHiFT to new physical heights, but her classes also help to stretch our sense of self worth. Imbuing each pedal stroke with courage and confidence, we emerge victorious at the finish line.

Kacey’s commitment and connection inspires and empowers us. One SHiFTer noted how a new song came on the playlist and a familiar fear of the unknown gripped the rider, but after 30 seconds in to the ride, due to Kacey’s engagement and energy, the song and the choreography became a welcome challenge. That is the Kacey experience! She will SHiFT your workout in powerful and profound ways. Fitness into Fun, Athlete into Adventurer. 

So throw it back this Thursday and ride those waves. You don’t have to go to Australia. . just come to Kacey Shepherd’s class!

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Blogger Emily Webster.  Check out her soulful, leaderboard-free rides on Wednesday at 9:15 am Guilford.  Sign up and take a ride!