TBT- Gal Recognizes the Power of Healthy Habits

Say Hello to our fabulous NH Instructor Gal at age 10!!

Growing up, she was queen of the sugary snacks. It wasn’t until college she realized the negative effects of sugar and made her SHiFT to get involved with health and fitness.

(Check out 21 reasons to eat less sugar that have nothing to do with weight loss!)

Now a full time dentist and a part time SHiFTer, Gal recognizes the power of positive choices and healthy habits on our lives. From head to toe, Gal will give you a sweet and sweaty ride!

We are so glad Gal SHiFTed herself back in college. Now a paragon of health, with information and energy to spare, we get to benefit from her wealth of knowledge.

Something else Gal has learned, it’s OK to have ice cream every once in awhile?

So Throw it Back this Thursday and savor every SHiFT!