TBT- Our Fearless and Fabulous Allie!

This photo from March 2012 embodies Allie’s indomitable spirit. She is singing the National Anthem at a Boston Celtics game in front of a crowd 18,000!!

Check out her that magical night!

Allie saw that the TD Garden was holding auditions, looking for a stand out vocalist to sing the National Anthem for a Celtics game. Allie decided that very day to try out, even though she had never sang the national anthem before and had less than three hours to rehearse!! She made it into the finals and then, preparation met opportunity, chutzpah met talent and Allie met 18,000 fans!

Allie classifies singing the National Anthem at a Celts game as one of the most amazing experiences she has ever had. When it was over, Allie stood there for a minute, soaked in her surroundings and thought to herself how far a little confidence and courage can go in life.

Take her class and you will see why she was selected to perform. Allie exudes talent and leadership and will rock your world! She always encourages her riders to get out of their comfort zone, try something new and take a chance – as Allie’s audition journey shows us, you never know where it can lead!

So Throw it Back this Thursday, hit those high notes and SHiFT into a new gear.