TBT- Empowered, Sarah Changes her Relationship with Food

This is our very own Sarah Collins Celotto just a few short years ago in the Summer of 2011.

Sarah embodies all that is SHiFT. She is strength, energy and passion personified. How Sarah got here, well it all started with a very powerful and personal SHiFT.

For years, Sarah struggled with her relationship to food. Food disguised itself as a comfort, as an ally, as a best friend. In truth, overeating, had betrayed Sarah’s true essence of health and happiness. Being at a high weight became a low point in her life. Sarah’s spirit, however, was resilient and instead of falling into an abyss, she made a purposeful push towards health. She entered her first sprint triathlon.

Completing her first triathlon introduced Sarah to a new and very worthy companion, spin class! Spurned on by the vote of confidence from her first race, Sarah started attending spin classes and was soon approached to begin teaching classes. Sarah’s innate gifts of caring and connection found a home in teaching and in a few short years she became AFAA and TRX certified as well. With three half marathons under her belt, Sarah is reborn a mega athlete, with the power to convey overcoming adversity to all who are lucky enough to be in her presence.

It is all about forging camaraderie for Sarah. Take Sarah’s class and she will look you right in eye and speak straight to your heart. Her SHiFTs were shepherded by strong relationships. Her three children, her fitness mentors, but most markedly, her incredible husband (pictured above) who has walked next to her in life wherever that path has led. Sarah becomes that person for us all, she takes us on a journey and sees us safely to the ever evolving finish lines.

SHiFTing has helped heal another important relationship in her life, the one to food. The struggle remains, and it’s how Sarah reacts to that struggle that defines her courage. She SHiFTs everyday to find the balance, the sustenance and the flavor, in every meal, in every friendship, and in every ride. . . .

She is a triumphant example of empowerment and encouragement. Everyone has a story, only the brave ones tell theirs.

So Throw it Back this Thursday, be brave and share your SHiFT with the world. . . .

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