TBT Ally’s Leap of Faith

Have you met our new Rockstar Ally?

We are throwing it back this Thursday and remembering a time when Ally met her own potential and took a leap of faith. Here she is last April in Big Sur, California. This trip, the jump for joy, a culmination of her journey to freedom and fearlessness.

Hard to believe that Ally, was once consumed in self doubt. Ally would worry about what others thought, how she was perceived, and what would happen if she “failed”

It was when Ally felt connected to her body, that her spirit was most at peace. That led her to a career in fitness. The inherent metaphor of pushing one’s self physically helped to soften the inner critic in Ally.  Suddenly she realized there was an excitement and adrenaline to being challenged. Not only was it “ok to fail”, but when one is following their truth, there is no failing !

Ally is most at home in that “dark loud room filled with sweat and community” Becoming a spin instructor changed Ally’s life, helped her release insecurity and find inner trust. That in turn helped our community as we welcome Ally’s beautiful smile and spirit into our studios.

Ally implores us all to remember that taking those leaps of faith, is “how we learn and move forward” Ally’s classes are infused with that tone of inspiration. Originally from Maine, Ally is so excited she took the bold step to move to CT where she has found a home at SHiFT Cycling and Balance. She continues to push herself and finds new challenges like running half marathons. and lets go of any doubt that was once holding her back as she emerges as a true ROCKSTAR!

Join Ally in her many awesome classes and let every pedal stroke be a LEAP toward loving yourself just a little bit more.

Written by guest blogger Emily Webster 

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