Taylor’s Tale Italiano

Every week Taylor takes her riders to new places in her packed classes. Turns out one of Taylor’s greatest SHiFTS came from traveling herself.

100% Italian and proud of it, Taylor decided the Second Semester of her Junior year at SCSU, would be spent studying abroad in Milan, Italy! With her intrepid spirit and love of travel, Taylor set out with unbridled enthusiasm even though she didn’t know a soul.

Throughout  her semester abroad,  she managed to visit six different countries and traveled throughout the entirety of Italy. Italy spoke to her.  “The Italian lifestyle is so beautiful, I couldn’t fathom leaving after the short semester. So. . I stayed!”

SHiFTing into high gear, Taylor found a full time job as an au pair watching 12 year old twin girls on the Italian Riviera. Taylor immersed herself in the culture. She found a home for many of her interests and became a bonafide foodie! “I don’t think I had bad meal there”

Taylor came back only a week and a half before her senior year started. She knew she would be forever informed and inspired by her time in Italy. She would always remember and relish those 8 months of pizza and gelato, but now that she was home she had a perfect opportunity to focus on her health. Enter SHiFT! As Taylor found a new passion, we found our new ROCKSTAR INSTRUCTOR.

Taylor Campano’s time in Italy helped to shape and SHiFT her entire perspective. “There is so much beauty in this world you have to go out and explore”

Follow Taylor’s epicurean eye at @taysty_eats”,  take one of her killer classes at our New Haven studio and you will find beauty in the world too!


Written by Blogger Emily Webster 

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