Summertime SHiFTing with the Kids

One of the best things we hear from our SHiFTers, is that time spent in our studio, allows them to be more patient present and positive about time spent with their children. We want to help you make the most of each and every family filled moment this Summer. Find that kid inside that ROARS with delight at the prospect of Summertime Escapades!

Here are some great Summer Sweet Spots. . .

Discovery Museum Adventure Park touted as an “aerial adventure forest” this Bridgeport destination will not disappoint. It is high on daring athletics and thrill inducing courses, but very well thought out with options for all levels. Reservations require so make this trip part of plan ! It will be worth it.

Brownstone Park located in Portland, this Water Park, is not about plastic tubes, but about a one stop shop for all of Nature’s finest endeavors. Kayak, hike, snorkel, rock climb. . .the over 7 years old crowd in particular can make the most of a day spent at this venue.

Saybrook Point Mini Golf this is a quaint and affordable but super fun and creative course set amidst the backdrop of Saybrook Point. Pack a picnic and eat on a table at the beach. I have even spied tweens and teens in groups and first dates so this small venue offers big fun for all. Discount Mondays!

Empower Zip Lining in Middletown has a rugged vibe and offers great team building and even nighttime events. Perfect place to assemble a group and make it a party.

New Haven’s  IT is an indoor extravaganza. . .on a rainy day or when you seek AC mid August, enjoy psychedelic lights called “liquid fireworks”, four different ropes courses, zip lines, cat walks. Stay for pizza !

Even more important that what you do, is how you do it. Participate and engage with your family. (Tip: turn the phone on Do No Disturb mode so when you are grabbing great selfies you won’t be distracted by incoming texts and emails) If you are connected to the moment, your kids will be connected to you, so try bringing them along to non kid specific outings.

Yale University Art Gallery and newly re opened Yale Center for British Art both offer culture curiosity and creativity for the younger set. A nice balance to sun screened sweaty days at the beach, or “veg” time on their screens, this dose of high brow will elicit grins and giggles. My children ages 11-3, all have all been talking about this modern Green Lip piece since the second week of June?

If the idyllic woods appeal to you, trails to hike, paths to bike, lakes to fish, then Chattfield Hollow is the spot for you, and there fore your kids as well. On Route 80 in Killingworth, this is a great spot for serenity seeking, and sometimes we can achieve that with the kids in tow! Paid parking or passes required in the Summer months.

Outdoor concerts and theater productions are an incredible sensory way to experience live performance. Your environment takes on a role of its own. Kids don’t feel as confined as when in an indoor space, so it encourages a relationship between audience and stage. Be sure to include the kids in the upcoming Shakespeare on the Shoreline on the Guilford Green.

Pictured above, two of the youngest members of our SHiFT family, Levi and Lochlan. They certainly found their ROAR!  May we all be that fierce about having fun, that passionate about our play time! This Summer, SHiFT it out loud and enjoy every minute spent together. 


Written by Emily Webster, check out her leader board free, SHiFTB class Wednesdays 915IMG_1682