SPRiNG Ahead

This is the time of year when we all feel a renewed sense of purpose, coming into the light, finding new growth and renewal in the world around us.. .This is also the time of year when we trade in coats for capris. So as we bask in daylight warmth at 7pm, we also are called to the cupboard for some cleaning. Spring cleaning is about curating what we have and creating what we don’t. We all struggle with making commitments, whether that’s letting go of a negative habit, or embracing a healthy new one. This Spring, SHiFT is encouraging our community to TAKE CHARGE of their well being , health and happiness! 

Remember that old song . . .SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO ? That is a great themes song for Spring Cleaning. 

SHiFTing from one season to the next is just another opportunity to take inventory of who we are.  Trimming the excess will lead you to realizing what is essential. Those essentials. ..  like a  well worn baseball hat or your  favorite coffee mug . . can be little pieces of our story and are worthy to keep, collect and treasure. When sifting through the contents of the closest, ask yourself, how long has it been since you used that item? If it has been more than a year but you still have a hankering to hold on, don’t deny yourself, recognize and celebrate the connection ! 

There is a beauty to letting go, simplifying, so if there is chaos around the clutter, if there is a lack of function or familiarity, try to let it go. Sometimes we hold on to objects, emotions, relationships with the hopes that “one day” it will feel right. SPRiNG cleaning SHiFT style is about realizing there is no better day “one day” than THIS day. This is your moment! 

This Season can be one of  nourishing and flourishing. Cleaning out the pantry? SPRiNG is a harbinger for our amazing Farmer’s Markets. A time to chose Produce over Processed. One healthy choice at  a time, we can make this a season of nutritional triumphThis  Make some changes to your routine that inspire health. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, take that friend and that coffee and make it an active walk on the Beach. Going out to eat? Choose wheat bread, choose water, find new spots for you and your family that you know will serve up healthy options. The smallest SHiFT can produce the greatest reward. 

Our time at SHiFT  is also an invitation to take stock, a personal inventory of where we are that day.  We reduce stress and cultivate strength. Think about a cycling class, when we approach a sprint it isn’t about clenching the toes and grinding the teeth, its about summoning stability and focus. Climbing a hill is not about denying the resistance, its about accepting and transcending.  Letting go and Holding on.

Spring cleaning Body and Soul!

As you open the windows and let in the light, lets  SHiFT it to a better place.


Written by Blogger Emily Webster