Spotlight on SHiFTer Amy Paris!

SHiFT . . . one definition of this word. . . to move from one place to the other. Today we are going to celebrate SHiFTer Amy Paris who has SHiFTed her size and her story. 

Amy is a beautiful dedicated Guilford mom. A fun loving member of the community who like many, found herself last Spring feeling bereft of energy and comfort in her own body. Insecure about her fitness level and a self declared “non gym person”, Amy credits friend Sarah Celotto and her one on one tutorial session, for helping her feel ready to take her first class. Nervous, Amy approached the class with an open heart, and soon found SHiFTing had become a habit and a wonderful part of her weight loss journey and her life.

“I knew I was hooked”, Amy tells us,” when I actually went back over and over and over again” For the first time ever, Amy was sticking to consistent exercise, and instead of feeling like a chore it felt like a celebration. Not just a “to do” but a “TA DA!”

Amy’s innate love of music found a home in our Spin Sanctuary. She found herself talking to her friends and family about tunes she heard in class and didnt want to miss the next class to ensure she didnt miss out on a great playlist. The music helps the ride become rhythmic and righteous, a reconnecting to that part of us that dances like no one is watching.

But unbeknownst to Amy, we were all watching her. Watching as her smile grew bigger and her waist line grew significantly smaller ! Since March of 2016, Amy has lost over 40 pounds. Thanks to SHiFT, Amy declares “ I eat differently, I love exercising, I have never felt better” The weight loss was a beautiful collateral effect, but what felt just as good to Amy was her mastery of the moves 😉 Starting out Amy SHiFTed mostly in the saddle building up her cardio, until one day she realized she did all the choreography, every jump every tap back. In fact “tap backs”are Amy’s signature move. “Killer but I LOVE them” From reticent to rockstar, Amy is an instructor favorite for her stamina and her smiles. 

Amy also finds her time at SHiFT therapeutic. Through the joy and endorphins, but also through the quiet and the emotions. “There are times when the instructors say something reflective about taking care of you, and how its an accomplishment just to be in the room and its so very true” Amy connects body and soul on that bike, she likes being social in the lobby, hearing stories from the instructors, she once dedicated a ride to a friend in peril. “SHiFT is a family. You get in that room, turn down the lights and deal with everything you brought to the table that day, the energy is amazing” 

Amy is learning everyday, how SHE is a huge part of that energy. Part of what inspired Amy to get healthy was the desire to be a good role model to her daughters. Well Amy you are a good role model to all of us at SHiFT.
We are so proud of your transformation and new body, and are even prouder of your enthusiasm and your kind soul. 

See you on the Bike!

Written by Emily Webster, check out her leader board free class on Wednesdays Guilford 915

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