Sound of Silence

The noise is pervasive. We live in an era of instant gratification. We can be in constant and continuous contact with friends and family but that also means we are available and accessible to the assailments of work and stress. Our phones and now even our coffee pots are branded “smart”.  It seems we are barraged with an ongoing cacophony and finding the space for internal quiet becomes increasingly necessary.

Appreciate Silence
Yes. Spin class is defined by music with driving beats and instructors with inspiring words. An effective work out at SHiFT, however, can help you achieve and appreciate the gifts of silence.Any time a mind body connection is forged, a deeper understanding of our inner selves occurs. That journey is often about trusting in the silence. The roar of our lives is often a distraction from seeking deeper meaning. A SHiFT experience will leave you dripping with sweat and smiling wide, but by the sheer nature of being in our bodies for one hour a day, that deeper meaning becomes a bit more accessible.

Thought, Action, Response Connection
If you have ever been a horseback rider, you may recall the alchemy that occurs between thought, action and response. You think, “I want to turn left ” and that very thought signals an unconscious response in our bodies that the animal feels and puts into action. It all happens in a millisecond. It all happens in silence.

We experience that at SHiFT. As riders, we tell ourselves, “I want to work hard” and that very thought manifests into a physical response, a tap to the right. Intention, physicality and the fly wheel all work in concert, signaled by one small act of internal courage. We can be riding the wave of a Tiesto track and feeling fueled by our SHiFT leader’s words, but the very act of pushing ourselves, comes from within.

As SHiFT instructors, we learn to distill the energy in a room, to be judicious and specific in what we say, to ensure the power of it. SHiFTers don’t just spin wheels, we SHiFT gears. SHiFT leaders don’t just spit words, we SHiFT energy.

Trust the Silence
Silence is an opportunity to reflect and to listen. Listening to your body, listening to each other, listening to the world around us. . .creating that space starts with your decision to turn that smart phone OFF, and turn your body ON.

When your SHiFT ride is over, that final climb that final sprint, and those signature SHiFT Lavender Towels come out, we inhale that healing fragrance and cool ourselves down through cleansing breaths. A SHiFTer of mine inspired this blog. This was her story.

She walked out of the studio, with the word wall of affirmation helping to round out the sensory love fest. She could still smell the lavender scent  and didn’t want to let it go! So before she turned on the car and checked her phone, she sat there, closed her eyes, enjoyed a little residual aromatherapy, trusted in the silence and looked forward to her next SHiFT.

What do you hear when you trust the silence? I encourage you to SHiFT yourself and find out!

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger Emily Webster.