Snack Attack

It’s no secret that fueling your body with proper nutrients is the key to a successful workout. So we asked our rockstar instructors to share what they eat to power up before class AND what they opt for to refuel post ride.

Ally – 

Before class: “Banana with Almond butter or a Lemon LARA bar with plenty of water.  And definitely coffee if it’s a morning ride!”

After class: “My go to post workout smoothie – Banana, spinach, mango, water and almond milk! I also love to make charcuterie boards.  Sometimes I’ll come home and make that first thing– fruits, nuts, cheese, pickles little bit of everything!”

Kaila – 

Before class: “Rice cake with natural peanut butter, banana slices and a dash of cinnamon!”

After class: “Plenty of water to hydrate and a protein bar.  Quest Bars and RX Bars are my favorites!”

Shannon – 

Before class: “Sweet potatoes, bananas, and coffee!”

After class: “A chocolate whey protein shake, a banana…carbs!!”


Before class: “Actually, I don’t usually eat right before I get on the bike!”

After class: “Greek yogurt with almonds and agave nectar, The Ferrucci from The Juice Box, or apple slices with chunky peanut butter!”

Taylor –

Before class: “A protein packed toast is always my go to! My favorite is avocado toast with an egg, prosciutto and tomato”

After class: “To refuel after class this growing girl indulges in a huge smoothie bowl and rehydrates with some lemon water. I love food, and have a food blog Instagram account where I share some of my favorite (non)/ healthy recipes and indulgences. Check it out at @taysty_eats

So now we know what makes our rockstars rock solid. What do you eat to SHiFT your ride in the right direction? 

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