SHiFTing Together . . .meet John and Sheryl Mancinelli

When you enter the SHiFT sanctuary, you are making a commitment – to your body, to your  health, to your well being. Our rockstar instructors recognize your energy, rely on your engagement and often find inspiration by YOUR experience. In the case of John and Sheryl, its not just a commitment to themselves, but to each other, that makes them cause for celebration.

John and Sheryl have been married for an impressive 28 years. They have 26 year old twin boys. Rocco, who lives in Brooklyn and works in the Fashion Industry and Dino who is a Metro North Railroad conductor in North Branford. Dino followed his father’s footsteps. John spent 34 years as a conductor before retiring. Sheryl has owned and operated her own eponymous catering company for the last 28 years! This is clearly a couple NOT afraid of endurance and effort!

Always being active, John and Sheryl, hike and garden and  John runs the CT Chiefs Arena Football Team. In his quest for the best indoor cycling class in town, he found SHiFT. John was burning 800 calories a class, finding nutritional equilibrium and having a blast! So he encouraged his wife to join. Sheryl always one to pursue fitness, instantly loved the uplifting ambience and supportive instructors. Rockstar Nichole once said “tell the pain in your legs to Shut Up!” John and Sheryl laughed together and indeed pushed through struggle to find strength. . and find it together!

Our team has derived much joy in witnessing the togetherness of the Mancinellis. Sarah has noticed how  they share their water bottles back and forth with each other, how they sit next to each other located in the same spots. Chivalry is alive and well in our studios,  John always get Sheryl the wipes for her bike and makes sure she gets her lavender towel before he does.

The Mancinellis find extra motivation to stay in “bathing suit” shape  with their Naples Florida house that they visit every month. But John and Sheryl remind us that one main reason we SHiFT is to get stronger for each other! Wether its strengthening our core in a Balance class, or sprinting in the Saddle while we cycle, we are making a commitment to ourselves and in turn to the people  we love.

Let John and Sheryl inspire you. Bring a bestie, Share a sip, look for the laughter and SHiFT together!


Written by guest blogger  Emily Hope Webster

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