SHiFTing to Happy Hour

Anyone who has hopped on a bike at SHiFT will tell you without any hesitation that that you will leave dripping in sweat. Great for the waist line? Yes! Great for the person sitting next to you during post-SHiFT happy hour? Not so much. After a long, heart pounding class, sometimes we need a twenty-fifth hour to make time for a shower!

For those days when we don’t have that extra hour and need to SHiFT from class to happy hour, errands, or the office here are some easy tips to look rock star hot…even after an intense ride:

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
I L-O-V-E this product! Basically, you spray this in your hair, focusing on the roots and then fluff your hair out with your hands. This product texturizes the hair helping to minimize the look of sweat, while adding some volume to what was once lifeless hair.

Shu Uemura Volume Maker Brush
This is definitely gym bag worthy. This little brush, that resembles the one I use to put on bronzer releases a fine powder that helps remove any excess oil. Simple flip it upside down and dust onto your roots. This fine powder helps absorb that sweat and grease leaving your hair looking as if you just walked out of a salon, not SHiFT. Easy and portable, I cannot imagine life without this product.

Oribe Apres Beach
Looking to channel your inner Victoria’s Secret bombshell? This is for you! Not only does this help add tons of volume to limp, lifeless hair but it smells ridiculous! Its perfect to mask any odors so you are left feeling like a total sexpot!

Kerastase V.I.P. (Volume In Powder)
Much like the Volume Maker Brush this V.I.P is a sprayable powder that adds tons of volume, unlike the Volume Maker Brush, this product enhances the hair via a spray!

The SHiFT Hair Tie
So… I never leave home without my blue hair tie. Not only is it pretty amazing because it reminds me to constantly SHiFT my life in a positive direction, but it also leaves your hair without any of those nasty looking pony tail creases! You get a two-for-one, motivation and a great beauty product. C’mon what’s not to love?

Sweaty or not, you can leave a SHiFT workout and not dash home to shower.  Check out some of these awesome products and you will look (and feel) great!

A big thank you to our friends at Timothy Pamment Salon for spotlighting some of their cool products!