SHiFTer Toni E Shares Her Story

You want to know what SHiFTing is all about ? Meet Toni E!  Toni is a self declared SHiFT addict, but like all super heroes she has an Origin Story worth hearing. 

We always say at SHiFT that “you can’t get it if you don’t want it”, well Toni’s first SHiFT was wanting to make a change. Just one year ago, Toni was suffering from knee and back pain. Walking with a cane and feeling encumbered and limited by her lack of mobility,  Toni recruited her friend Linda and together they tried their first SHiFT class.

The familiar specter of insecurity followed Toni as she entered the studio. Some of life’s best journeys are laced with a little fear and trepidation, thats what makes it feel so good when we let go of what holds us back and find what sets us free. And that is exactly what happened when Toni entered our cycling sanctuary!

Toni attributes her easily found confidence to our rockstar instructor Shannon Palumbo. Through Shannon’s tutelage, Toni and Linda both understood the bikes and terminology. Shannon guided them –” just stay on the bike.” Once the lights went down and the music went up,  Toni realized she had found her workout. When the going gets tough on that bike –  the hills steep, the sprints fast – Toni holds on to what she heard from Shannon on that very first ride, “this is between you and yourself” …a SHiFTer was born. 

Toni and Linda weren’t just looking for an exercise class, they also were on a hunt to find an activity that wasn’t shaped by husbands and children. That commitment to making time for herself is part of the success. Toni describes her time at SHiFT as “therapy, helping me sleep…giving me a general sense of well being.” Her family is shocked  that she has stayed so consistent and has kept up the commitment since July.

We all know our nutrition profile plays a huge part in our weight loss narrative. Toni’s story is no exception to this rule. Toni has found that Weight Watchers, with its sound “everything in moderation” philosophy, has worked wonders for her. Though Weight Watchers was working, it was slow and steady; once SHiFT entered her milieu, the weight really started coming off!

Over 3o pounds lighter, Toni has found that symbiotic relationship between diet and exercise. “It is so much easier to eat healthy after working so hard.”  Toni is still on her weight loss and wellness journey, but for the first time ever, through SHiFTing, Toni feels in control and in celebration!

Working hard and having fun, literally LAUGHING while she sweats, Toni SHifTs at least three times a week. Now enjoying the music and motivation offered by many different instructors, Toni is pain free on that bike, and hates to miss a class. Toni’s story of transformation and transcendence encourages us to look at our own humble beginnings. Let’s honor how far we have come and SHiFT it forward towards a new year of HEROIC accomplishments!

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Blogger, Emily Webster. Catch Emily’s souful, leaderboard-free class on Wednesday at 9:15 am in Guilford.