SHiFT Raises the Roof

There is so much good in this world. At SHiFT, we aim to illuminate the kindness found right here in our own back yard, and under our very own roofs !
This fall, we are going to celebrate the work done at Raise the Roof  with an epic ride.
Raise the Roof is committed to helping the impoverished housing crisis through action. With local Shoreline community involvement, Raise the Roofers bring volunteerism to the greater New Haven chapter of Habitat for Humanity. There is a special draw from SHiFT to Raise the Roof. A brand of shared sweat, aspiring values, and abounding energy.  Sound familiar?
Meet Heather Regan. Heather has been a SHiFTer since the beginning. She notes the
“spirit, motivation and peerless instructors helped to elevate her indoor cycling experience. Heather has been an enthusiastic member of Raise the Roof, serving as a board member for the last year. It was Heather’s spirit of altruism and enthusiasm that brought the “SHiFT Raises the Roof” ride to fruition.
“I think one of critical shared values between Shift Cycling and Raise the Roof is the importance and ability to Make a Difference, in one’s own life and in the life of others.  After all, it is only through helping others that we truly help ourselves. Both Shift Cycling and Raise the Roof are about empowerment – of the individual and others”
Finding synergy between SHiFT and Raise the Roof, we also rediscovered a that profound body and soul connection. The Raise the Roof and SHiFT missions align in action. We climb hills, race flats, pick up a hammer and haul concrete with the same amount of gusto and grit. As Heather, a marathon and triathlon veteran explains so poignantly,  “building a house is unquestionably  one of the most physically challenging things I’ve ever done, while at the same time being one of  the most rewarding and gratifying”
At SHiFT, we know it is not a coincidence that exhausting and exhilerating go hand and hand. The harder you push yourself, the better you feel. Add in going above and beyond for a specific cause, and you will find the challenge that will bring true change.
The culture and beliefs of Raise the Roof will inspire us all to “ride” to the occasion. Helping a family to own their own home, is about creating refuge for the disenfranchised. This ride will be about creating a collective push toward doing good.
We will leave with a call to arms from Raise the Roof’s Donna Gregory:
“Our mission is to bring the Shoreline community together to raise the funds, the volunteer labor and leadership to partner with families who are on their journeys to own and build homes. There are many ways to build a house with Raise the Roof…swinging a hammer…making a donation…taking to the dance floor for our signature fundraising event…and now we can add SHiFTing”
Join us for this inaugural joint venture on  September 27th at 6:30pm. Learn more about the good work being done by visiting, Raise the Roof .
Written by Emily Webster