SHiFT in the KiTCH – A Family Affair

As SHiFTers we take a one hour class and carry the spirit of that ride with us wherever  we go ... Carrying that commitment to our health has no greater meaning than when we share it with the kids. Gone are the days when parents “diet” and kids eat junk food. With awareness and availability – we can now make good nutrition a family affair.Let’s make every SHiFT in the KiTCH a way to inspire and include our children.

Some SHiFT tricks …
Image of Fruit KebabsOptimize Options
Cultivating a sense choice in our kids supports their evolution to independence. When it comes to snack time – lay out an assortment of pre-approved yummies and see what they gravitate towards. Between a cookie and a cucumber you may anticipate their choice, but between a cucumber and a pomegranate, what would they reach for?
Image of Planet BoxThink Inside the Box  (
Get creative with your containers!  Lunch packing season is fast approaching. Bento boxes are all the rage. Staying environmentally sound is another component to good nutrition. Kids love the Tapas nature of these little containers. Try olives, grape tomatoes, trail mix, pita bread, hummus…
Image of little girlCulinary Arts and Crafts 
It’s not just about being green, it’s about being purple and yellow too! Take your kids to the store and challenge them to find all the colors of the rainbow in the produce section.  Purple cabbage and eggplant! Yellow mango and squash! What would happen if we put those two colors and foods together?!
What could you cook up? Get creative and make your food a vessel… Take colorful bell peppers and use them as edible bowls to fill with your healthy carbs and proteins. Brown rice, black beans in a red pepper … A great way to make creativity and choice collide in cuisine.
Image of Green ApplesApples Don’t Fall Far From the Tree
Keep things nice and simple at meal time. Be a good role model and have the kids eat what you eat! Trying roasted beets and quinoa instead of spaghetti and meatballs? Give your kids a chance to refine their pallets and let them enjoy the same meal. Foster a sense of both adventure and community by inviting your kids into your dining experience.Be proud and mindful of the SHiFTS you make in the Kitch and plant the seeds for the future by SHiFTing with the kids.

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger Emily Webster. Thanks Karen Alquist Photography for the awesome image of Emily’s son eating watermelon!