SHiFT Happens

I recently read about an African tribe that has an unusual approach for dealing with people who make mistakes. When a member of this tribe does something wrong, they take the person to the center of the village and for two days, they remind them of the good things he has done. This tribe believes that when an individual falters, what they need is encouragement to give them strength after the fall.

This reminded me about the Aztec cultures we all studied as kids. I remember one thing distinctly. Upon completing beautiful mosaics,  children were taught to make a purposeful obstruction to their object, to remind the Artist that Art is process, not product. ..To remind the soul that Life is Pursuit, not Perfection. 

These Social Studies lessons illustrate how us SHiFTers have an amazing culture with our unique approach to deal with . .. mistakes, obstructions and SH%T!

We have created a collective consciousness-  we come to SHiFT to arm ourselves with calm confidence and connection, at the same time, finding energy enthusiasm and ebullience. Ever been to Sarah’s class in Guilford on a Sunday morning? We are a mighty Tribe indeed!

We don’t have to obliterate our creations or drag each other to the town green for a ceremony.  We find the strength to combat life’s often flawed circumstances by simply  showing up to the studio.

There is a profound sense of regret when we make a mistake. Forgetting to pack the kid’s permission slip, sending the email to the wrong co worker, there is a litany of things that go wrong by our own hands. There is also what I call the fallen ice cream syndrome. You decide to treat yourself to your favorite ice cream cone, you walk out of the shop and your scoop of coffee mocha yumminess crashes to the ground. SH@T happens! People make mistakes and ice cream falls. . .it is how we REACT to those events that defines us.

SHiFTers know the sensation of putting on MORE resistance right when we feel like stopping. Using the motivation of the obstacle to actually help create the most powerful path. We now have SHiFT Balance as part of our repertoire. As the name denotes, classes in this beautiful space are designed, in all aspects, to work in concert with our body and soul. 

This Summer SHiFT went to Haiti. Making our Tribe proud, Jenn, Kacey, Kaila,  Heidi and  Johnna gave their hope and their hearts to others. Strong legs and strong hearts put to use for the very best cause. Out of any struggle comes an opportunity to supersede. 

So next time you or someone you love make a mistake, give them a compliment! And next time you are aiming for perfection remember the joy is in the doing. And by all means if your ice cream scoop falls, go back inside and get another. SHiFT yourself! 

Yes, SH@T happens, but we make SHiFT happen !! 

Written by Emily Webster – check out her LeaderBoard Free SHiFTB class Wednesdays 9:15IMG_1682.jpeg