SHiFT B, SHiFT P, SHiFT U… Who are You?

As SHiFTers, we are encouraged to find time for ourselves, to find out what we are made of, to find our truth. Achieving greatness, is not about emulating others. Our aspirations lie in being the best we can be! We find out who we are by how we show up, for each other, for ourselves. In honor of our individuality, SHiFT has customized and diversified our class offerings.

Are you fueled by a competitive edge – SHiFT P is an experience where we use our leaderboard technology and you use all that you got. There is great power in information and in this class you walk away with information and inspiration. An effective tool to track all your stats, learning about cadence and thresholds and always striving to your personal best, this class is for the Warriors among us. And, according to many of our riders, simply the best workout you can get.

SHiFT B is as much about the beat of the music, as it is about the beat of your very own heart and soul. SHiFT B is the class where you will find yourself chasing down new rhythms with a force that can only come with a fierce and fabulous determination. Driven by new mixes and driving beats to match your own powerful spirit. Looking for an hour to unplug from a screen and re-calibrate inside and out? This is also the class where we often turn off the PIQ.

We have classes designed for our super over achieving intrepid multi-tasking SHiFTers. Our SHiFT S and S+ classes incorporate multiple tracks with weights and upper body choreography, as well as additional floor work. New Haven serves up a class tailor made for professionals who won’t sacrifice on peak physical health, SHiFT 30. From desk to studio and back during lunchtime!

There are 101 classes for the novice, Kids classes for the junior set and Adaptive Rides to articulate our mission statement that everyone can SHiFT. And of course because it’s all about U we have our SHiFT U “gold standard”, intervals, PIQ, sprints, epic hills, weights, the perfect workout!

Take a look at our Instructor page and TBT posts to learn more about the Rockstars that lead you down the road to success. Varied backgrounds and backstories which culminated in big SHiFTs. What do we all have in common? Every instructor shares the bond and brand of being trained by the BEST!

There is a great therapeutic practice – take a large canvas, poster board, chalk board. . .write down three declarative phrases starting with “I AM . . .” Now stand back and behold with awe and appreciation who you are and what you are capable of, and then share it with those you love!

We at SHiFT celebrate all of the “I AM”s and encourage you to own it, rock it, and SHiFT it …as only U can.

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger Emily Webster.