SHiFT 2019 – Resolution Revolution

For us SHiFTers, the resolution begins every time we walk into the studio. Every time we lift, stretch and pedal, we resolve become better. The New Year is always a time to redefine our goals, to harness our intentions, and to SHiFT our resolutions.

Lost and Found

The number one New Year’s Resolution, is to lose weight. A noble effort indeed but in order to achieve sustainable success, why not SHiFT the way we approach getting fit? Instead of “losing”, this year we are going to GAIN. Yes we are going to gain. . strength, power, agility, flexibility and perspective. By gaining, we are putting the emphasis on the positive. We are going to WIN, not lose.

Surround yourself with metrics that measure up to inspiration and invitation. In a culture of criticism, find ways to stay motivated through encouragement. If stepping on a scale triggers stress, think of the numbers you see after a SHiFT ride, let those numbers carry you.

Beware the “Before and After”

Selfies, Tweets, Instas, Snaps. . .we are barraged with torrents of incessant images.  We also see a lot of “Before and After” shots this time of year. At SHiFT we celebrate body transformations – results of  dedication and determination that manifest in peak physical fitness are worthy of major kudos – but if we only focus on the before and after photos, we are missing the import of where we are NOW.  Where  you are today is exactly where you are supposed to be. It is a journey that encompasses a lot more than the beginning and the end . .at SHiFT we celebrate the moments in the middle! The moments that might not get captured with flash, but do deserve the same recognition.

Fit for Life

Many of our goals are not fitness related. The strength we summon in our workouts, however, will be applied to ALL aspects of our life. Instead of chasing ways to earn more money, think about saving money. Instead of planning a trip that looks just like the one your neighbor posted, try to cultivate and articulate your own style and sense of fun. It all leads back to feeling good about ourselves. The small SHiFTs we make will amount to our healthy lifestyle. 

It’s not as simple as a resolution at the beginning of the year. We find a bold and powerful revolution we find every time we walk into SHiFT. Our sense of purpose is defined by a positive and personal relationship to the road that lies ahead. . .

written by Emily Webster