SHiFT: 101

YEAH Buddy! Thinking of trying out SHiFT Cycling? You’d better be prepared for the ride of your life! During an hour long class we’ll climb, sprint and even work a little of our upper bodies with hand weights while we breakthrough our physical (and sometimes emotional) boundaries. And of course have a little fun while we sweat it all out!  Here’s the basics of what to expect as you get back in the saddle on a journey to SHiFT how you feel, how you think—and who you are.

Sometimes knowing how to prepare to try something new is as intimidating as the act of trying something new. Here are some key tips:

What to wear?
At SHiFT, we recommend that you wear form fitting clothes, this allows our awesome instructors to watch your form so you get the most out of your workout. It also makes sure nothing gets caught on any part of the bike…safety first! Layer up if you are really looking to sweat, otherwise keep it cool and simple with a tank and leggings (trust me on this one, leggings over shorts any day!)

Sneakers vs. cycling shoes?
I always say to start out with your own sneakers for a few rides to make sure you’re comfortable. Here’s a helpful video about cycling shoes too.

It’s important to stay hydrated during your climbs, sprints and jumps. Be sure to bring water and try to drink 8oz a bit before getting on the bike.  A SHiFT workout will definitely get your heart pumping and sweat dripping so its important to stay hydrated! If you need to refill before we start, we have a chilled water cooler or if forget your water bottle, no worries, we’ve got you covered with complimentary SHiFT water!


Getting setup the first time?
If it’s your first time riding with SHiFT try to come 10-15 minutes early, our instructors will help you to tailor your bike settings for a comfortable ride with us. If you want a head start, watch this quick video where I show you how to adjust your bike.

Be prepared for instant motivation as you are greeted with the SHiFT vision written loud and proud on the wall, this inspiring message is something you will be reminded of during your hour-long fitness journey.  Let a staff member at the front desk know it is your first time SHiFTing, we will give you the SHiFT 411 and orient you to the studio, including where you can find lockers and a bathroom to freshen up after your ride.


Ready! Set! Ride! 
During your hour-long ride, you’ll notice that music plays a critical part in how your instructor sets the mood for each leg of the ride—from warmup to cool down. The music helps guide your pace, and motivate you to go for it. That’s why so much care and effort goes into the art of crafting the perfect playlist for rides. 

Typically, your instructor will dim the lights for a candlelit ride and ignite your inner fire as they motivate you through jumps, sprints, climbs and some fun upper body work!  If you are the competitive type, you’re encouraged to compete with yourself to beat your personal best, along with your team around you.  Our leaderboard displays your power, RPM’s and energy throughout the class. Seeing your stats as your ride is a great motivator to push harder, longer and faster, only promising a more badass workout!

We do have some important rules of the ride that I share with you here:

Once you’ve finished your ride, we stretch it out. You’ll be asked to unclip (if you’re wearing cycling shoes), otherwise, slide those sneakers off the pedals and relax as we stretch our tired muscles. Nothing seems to beat the amazing feeling of stretching after an epic ride. Each class ends with a moment of reflection and a feeling of extreme pride in the 15-20 mile ride you just completed.  Chances are you’ll leave SHiFT feeling empowered and enlightened (and a little bit sweaty too!) For those who feel like they’ve truly SHiFTed themselves, they often take a photo in front of our vision wall—it’s sort of like staking a flag at the top of a summit to prove you came and conquered!

So there you go! The nitty gritty of what to expect and how to prepare for your first ride at SHiFT! Be ready for the most badass workout of your life and most importantly, don’t forget to have some fun as you sweat it all out with us!

Remember, your first ride is always free! So what are you waiting for? Signup now>