Self-Love is an UGLY kind of love

Last week, I was talking to a group of teenagers and the subject of LOVE came up. I asked the group, “What is love?” It’s amazing what they said. One student, Jack (14 years old) said, “Love starts with loving yourself!”

It’s amazing that kids can understand this, but so many adults think that to love yourself (aka self-love) is somehow selfish. I’m going to share an important secret with you—it’s not. Giving love, attention and care to yourself is not only important—it’s critical to who you are and how you grow.

We can be so hard on ourselves too often. Start accepting you for YOU. Be proud of YOU. Honor YOU and YOUR body. Silence the voices in your head that say you can’t and replace them with “hell yes I can!” It’s time to get “UGLY” (You Gotta Love Yourself). Because if you don’t love yourself, it’s impossible to give someone else what we don’t have.

Today many of us celebrate the people in our lives who we love. That’s awesome, but don’t stop there! Let’s celebrate the love that we have for ourselves too!