A Sanctuary- A Sacred Place

They say the idea of a sanctuary is lost right now. Our homes are riddled with chores and obligation. The advent of selfies and postings have turned every experience into an opportunity to document and not fully enjoy – oh to find a space where we are fully in the moment, fully in our bodies …

SHiFTers know what this is about. Right on the Post Road in Guilford we enter our sanctuary every time we take a spin class. We find out about ourselves every ride, every tap back, every pedal stroke. Maybe it’s setting new personal bests on the threshold screen of the leader board? Maybe it’s closing your eyes during a hill and feeling the infusion of spirit into your sport? SHiFTs occur and a sanctuary is found.

Haven- a Place of Safety or Refuge

And now a Haven in New Haven emerges!! In a city brimming with culture and class, students and suits, here comes New Haven’s only dedicated indoor cycling studio.

Dedicated and devoted is what YOU will become after just one ride. Your muscles will be itching to find speed and strength, your mind will be hoping to hear that concert of music and motivation, and your soul will be grateful for the sanctuary.

And best part yet… like all good safe havens, SHiFTing is fun. Put some meaning behind each movement, and there is a joy, an endorphin high at the finish line. A blessed finish line! Feel accomplished and proud – an inner selfie?

Us Guilford SHiFTers welcome our New Haven brothers and sisters along for the ride. Let’s all find courage and commitment that we can carry in and out of the studio.

A Sanctuary, a Haven indeed!

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger Emily Webster