Resolution Challenge

As magical as the holidays are, it is easy to fall out of our healthy habits. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect way to refocus and make some changes, after all it’s a New Year and New U!

Last Year’s Challenge
Our challenge last year was awesome! Using a little healthy competition, we had some fiercely dedicated SHiFTers that made some big changes in their lives and saw results (take a look at Rich Messina’s  or Johnna Sullivan’s story.  We formalized a program, took some BMI and weight measurements and provided tips and a community for the group to share progress.  What was missing was a formal diet (which we all know is the driver in weight loss) and the tools to drive tracking/accountability.

About the Resolution Challenge
Adam Greenberg, CrossFitter and former Professional Baseball player,  collaborated to create the Lurong Resolution Challenge. To date, thousands of athletes have completed the challenge over the years.

Although there is a lot of CrossFit culture embedded in the challenge, the overarching philosophy is sound: make healthier choices, eliminate processed food, lowering your carb/sugar intake and incorporate fitness consistently into your routine.  All good stuff, right?

Why this program?
We get approached to partner  on programs like this all the time.  This program stood out because it is tested, offers great functionality, delivers a solid approach to nutrition/diet and they are looking to customize it to indoor cycling for the spring.  We hope our experiences can help shape the end product.

The Details
Here are the key details:

  • Five week program that starts January 18th
  • $45 fee to participate
  • Diet with 3 types of participation (see food summary chart)
    • Elite- paleo based
    • Pro-zone based
    • Starter- no wheat/sugar
  • Web-based meal planning (shopping list!), tracking, food search
  • Library of recipes, blogs

The SHiFT Spin

We DO NOT believe in doing anything extreme or that one diet/program fits all.  Each of us needs to modify to fit our lifestyle and specific health issues.

We DO believe that reducing carbs and processed food is ESSENTIAL to losing weight.

We LIKE the 3 levels of participation that allow you to decide HOW you participate… and that you don’t have to write down everything you eat, you just indicate if a meal was elite, pro or starter.

We REALLY LOVE the tracking function and point system – you get points for trying new recipes, capturing your goals…

Program Goal
Our goal is simple, to give you tools and resources to make a SHiFT in your life.  We are not doing this to beat the other gyms for prizes – as the workouts don’t align.

We will create our own in-studio competitions and prizes to drive the workout portion of the equation.

Sign Up/ Challenge Champion
Click here to sign up. Select the SHiFT studio you ride at the most.  There are some rules, but keep in mind our focus is the nutritional component and the tracking tools!

Want to be a SHiFT Challenge Champion?   The first 20 people that email us will get a free class for each week of the challenge (no advance sign ups and only when there are open bikes).  In exchange, we want you to share your challenge progress with us and/or on social media!  Use #SHiFTNewYearNewYour.

Beta Site for Spin-Centric Challenge
Adam and his team see the fit for the program to be used in cycling studios.  He is fine-tuning the challenge and customizing the workouts for indoor cycling and expects a customized program in the spring.

Knowing everybody wants a New Year’s challenge, we are launching mid-January knowing the content is more oriented to a CrossFit workout.  Our goal is provide Adam with feedback about our experience and how it can be modified for our needs so the Spring challenge is perfect for SHiFT!

Are you ready?  Let’s do it.