Rebel Yell and the Road to Independence

 In Motivation
As we approach the celebration of our nation, it’s important to remember it all started with a zeal for Independence and very healthy sense of Rebellion.As individuals, we are always battling oppression and constantly striving to break free of confines. Sometimes they are confines of our own making and sometimes we are presented with barriers that seem insurmountable. It is how we react and rebel against those perceived limitations, that defines who we are.

Let’s find that inner Rebel that knows pushing past boundaries is an uplifting and rewarding experience that leads to the ultimate celebration.

One way to take the big ideas and make them a reality is to ground those concepts in our body. John Mayer says “Love is a verb” – so think action words. Let’s make Freedom an action word – free yourself from insecurity and negativity and get yourself SHiFTing. Independence – how can we SHiFT that word into a body and soul movement?Strength is the only road to independence, build that inner strength through a fierce and fabulous fitness regime. When you make a connection physically, the manifestation becomes holistic.

Change your body, change your life.

Let the revolution, the Rebel Yell, be a call to Liberate yourself from whatever is holding you back. Activate, Dedicate, SHiFT and then watch those fireworks as you celebrate the birth of YOUR Independence.

Guest written by SHiFT Instructor and Blogger Emily Webster.