Power of Two – Meet the Kringens

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The only thing better than SHiFTing is SHiFTing together . . .

Meet SHiFT couple Anne and Jonathan. Like all dynamic duos, Anne and Jonathan are incredible individuals.

Beautiful and leggy Anne, used to be a police officer in the DC area! Anne made a personal SHiFT and decided to pursue her PhD in Texas. It was in graduate school she met handsome, Austin native Jonathan. Over achievers by nature, while they were both working on their PhDs, they made a steadfast vow to one another that helped define and deepen their connection to their own selves, and to each other. “We promised each other to make health and fitness a priority.” For Anne and Jonathan, health and harmony were synonymous, they wanted to be strong .. . together. Even at the unbelievably busy and stressful time in school, they managed to make it to spin class 5 or 6 times a week. It was there they realized the value of exercise as a stress reliever and a unifying activity!

After they finished graduate school, they moved to New Haven for work. Anne is an assistant professor at the University of New Haven, where she teaches and conducts research on issues related to police organizations. Jonathan is also an assistant professor at the UNH. He works on developing algorithms to help solve criminal investigations.POWER couple, a power they wanted to maintain through working out together. As their lives SHiFTed , their relationship to each other and to their fitness goals did not waver.

“Although we were both committed to keeping up with our fitness, we had a hard time finding a gym or studio we enjoyed. We really missed having a place with fantastic instructors and hard-working members. Honestly, we were looking for SHIFT, but it just hadn’t opened yet!”

In their quest to find a gym, they became frustrated with what felt like canned classes.Anne and Jonathan are no strangers to hard work. As they push themselves they wanted a work out that would do the same. When they couldn’t locate a studio that met their needs, they decided to try something new – a home gym.They were happy with not having to trek in the snow but with the purchase of one bike. . . it meant they were no longer riding together. Ever recognizing the synchronicity of body and soul, they felt a little lost. Their lives quickly became more work- related and less fun. The “solitary nature” of the home gym only added to their disconnect.

Knowing a SHiFT was needed, they searched for a new road to pedal down together. Enter SHiFT New Haven. That first SHiFT ride was a surge of revelatory energy. Sharing their rides at SHiFT helped rearticulate the early commitment they had made to each other, a commitment at the core of their beings and at the heart of their pairing.

“Doing it together reminded us how we motivate each other reflecting the commitment between us. Even though we don’t talk during classes, we spend time together supporting each others’ efforts to focus on our individual fitness goals.”

And now they are completely ensconced in the SHiFT universe! Instructors clamor to have them in their class, feeling inspired and energized by their specific brand of zeal! The Kringens thrive off of the personal connections they have made. They love the community and camaraderie, enjoying the post class chats with fellow riders.

Anne and Jonathan so beautifully express their favorite aspects of SHiFT. Anne enjoys “tuning out life, listening to the music. . . My fitness level on the bike dictates my physical abilities off the bike so it’s always an important check in.” Jonathan loves the “What happened? feeling I get when I push really hard in a class. It’s almost meditative when my body syncs to the music and the movements.”

The Kringens’ story is one of major import to all of us who are in a relationship. And we all are. With our partners and with ourselves. Being a strong individual will only make you a stronger partner. Hold on to the commitments you made and why not make those commitments start with our health. We celebrate Anne and Jonathan and know that their power of two helps to inform and inspire many of us at SHiFT cycling. They are pictured above with their adorable miniature schnoodle, Little Marcus Felson, who also benefits from the power of their love and TWOgetherness.