In Motivation

Patriotism – love for or devotion to one’s country.

Love and devotion require faith. Faith is only faith once tested. Especially in our current landscape of candidates and catastrophes, we feel the pull on our resolve more than ever. So what makes us stay on the road ? Belief fuels our love and devotion to a country, to each other, to ourselves.

The road can be treacherous and mired with unforeseen obstacles, but that is when we stick our courage to the sticking place and figure out how to navigate the turns. For some it is canvasing and advocating, for others it is holding firm to personal values at the dinner table. What is important is not falling into an abyss of negativity and apathy. SHiFT those gears and respond to the discord with strength.

It’s important to remember the our country started with a zeal for Independence and very healthy sense of rebellion. As individuals, we are always battling oppression and constantly striving to break free of confines. Sometimes they are confines of our own making and sometimes we are presented with barriers that seem insurmountable. It is how we react and rebel against those perceived limitations, that defines who we are.

Patriotism employs love, devotion, faith, belief and perseverance. . . much like all the best things in life, much like a ride at SHiFT!

So this Independence Day, choose Hope over Despair, and celebrate your own victories as you watch the fireworks!