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Our bikes are just one thing that sets us apart.


We’re the only studio in the area with state-of-the-art Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes. They feature lightweight aluminum frames, revolutionary resistance system and innovative rider fit. In short, they make you feel like you’re riding on the road.


That’s not all. We’ve equipped our bikes with Performance IQ technology that track data about your ride real-time. Loaded with MpowerV2 consoles, you can record your speed, cadence (RPM’s), power, time, distance, heart rate and calories burned. You can access this information during your ride on your bike’s monitor. Even better, the data from your last ten rides is stored and accessible on the SHiFT website under My Account. This ability in unprecedented in the area. Set your personal goals and measuring your growth.  


For those that want to add another level of competition, engage in some team competition with our SHiFT Leaderboard (our giant LCD monitor mounted in the front of the room). Compete against yourself and others in class, watching the results in the moment.  Instructors will use the technology in different ways to push you to a new level!


Just want a simple ride? Of course, all this is high-tech stuff is optional.  After all, it is your ride.     

Samantha Parsons

Samantha Parsons

Cycling Instructor


Looking at Samantha reminds you of the Nutcracker: graceful, poised and strong.  Her dance background contribute to her challenging and well-choreographed rides.  You will find her hanging out at Ballou’s enjoying cheese fondues and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc after a run down to the town docks.


cycling bike with rider