Other Mother’s Day

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As we celebrate Mother’s Day we uphold those in our lives who fill us and fuel us. In SHiFT spirit we want to elevate and energize the way we view the Moms in our lives. 

We all have opportunities to nurture and nourish a young soul. In fact many people who don’t have children of their own end up contributing in profound ways.

The primary ingredients to the role of Mother are “care and affection”. . .think about those people in your life who have taken an interest in your happenings, who have showed up by your side, who have given you unabashed support. Its time we honored all of the people on our journey who help to make a it a safe and good one!

We can also SHiFT our own story, think about the  capacity we have to effect the people around us. Encouragement, involvement. . . there are so many ways for us to Mother Others! In fact there is a beauty and a balance that can be achieved through mentoring or being a surrogate mom to someone in need.
There is no job more challenging there is no job more rewarding! There is an altruistic bend to being a care taker, but loving someone selflessly, with care and affection, brings the sweetest of rewards. Wether you have one baby, you’re a Grandma to 12, or are one of these special Other Mothers, you feel that special brand of love. It is your energy that shapes the future.
At SHiFT, we often equate our rides with the direction given to a parent on the plane with their kids.
“Put the oxygen mask on yourself before applying to those in your care”
It is a profound reminder that without proper air in our own lungs, we will not have the breath to sustain those around us. Take this day to find that essential breath. Try to hold on to that notion of self love as a conduit to loving others even stronger.
On this Mother’s day, to all the caretakers, lunch packers, band aid appliers, advice givers, hand holders, apology acceptors, affirmation givers, to all the Mothers all around us, we CELEBRATE you!  SHiFT your appreciation towards not just your Mom but those special “Other Mothers” that give us their breath of life with . .. care and affection !
 Written by Instructor Emily Webster – Wednesdays 9:15 Screen Off Ride