Why it is OK to Cry on the Bike

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Let’s be honest, crying in the spin room may not be that rare. Things change when you step into that room. Inside those four walls is an opportunity to let it all go; clear your mind and be in the moment. Shedding a few tears is cathartic, it’s like hitting the refresh button and know that when you walk out you’ve left it all on the bike. Here are the top ten reasons it’s totally good to let it go during class:

  1. Someone else in your class, at some given moment, also shed some tears.
  2. We’ve all got baggage, and it really does seem to disappear in that room.
  3. It’s dark. So dark.
  4. Is that sweat? Or tears? They’ll never know.
  5. You’re pushing your body to its ultimate limit. That hurts, and it mentally and emotionally hurts too.
  6. Doesn’t the instructor set us up to cry anyway? All that motivational talk about letting the past go and being our best selves. I mean, who’s NOT crying?
  7. The songs are meant to push us, or pull out of us our inner warrior. That makes me emotional just thinking about it, I mean, right?
  8. When you hit those numbers you were reaching for, or you totally drop behind your goals: both tear inducing.
  9. Because you’re so damn proud of yourself.
  10. Because you can. Spinning is a sanctuary if you let it be. So get on your bike, soak in the darkness, and let go.

Go on and cry now.