New Year, New U

Let the Challenge Begin
Let’s be honest the thought of heading into the New Year can be overwhelming. First there’s the sense of setting new goals and then the thought of how am I going to get it done? Ask yourself “Am I committed to doing it?” If the answer is an enthusiastic yes, then you, my friend, are ready to GO!

Importance of Goals
Everyone has their own WIFM (what’s in it for me) when setting goals.  What’s your motivation? Each of my clients has different goals for 2015 and with each goal I ask for the roadmap. How are you going to get there?

For example, my days are crazy busy (like most of you). I need to set time for me to just unwind and breathe. One of my goals in 2015 is to walk to work, at least 1x per day. It a simple goal: manageable, effective, realistic and purposeful. Set goals that you can accomplish! And once you accomplish them SET new ones.


The biggest goal I have been hearing over the past few days is I want lose weight. I get it; but how are you going to do it and more importantly what are you going to do differently? We need to SHiFT how we think about losing weight. We’re SHiFTing habits in a positive direction AND that will result in losing weight.

You have to be mentally and physical organized to see success. Organization leads to good choices. I’m your coach, I’ll give you the tools to be successful. But it’s up to you to want it and to make the changes!  One of my collegiate coaches told me that Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Plan your Food and Work Outs!

food images

Plan out your meals and write them down what you’re going to eat. Mon thru Fri and Sat & Sunday. You have to plan ahead. Repeat after me…”I will plan ahead!” When we plan your meals and your activity we make better choices.  This is good example of a my typical eating plan:

a. Breakfast: Protein Shake (Isagenix), Siggi’s yogurt OR a cup of Steel Cut Oats
b. Snack- an apple, orange OR a banana with almond butter
c. Lunch- 4 oz piece of grill chicken/fish on a salad
d. Snack-10 almonds, 8 carrot sticks w/hummus OR Green Smoothie
e. Dinner- Vegan Chili OR 4 oz piece of fish (grilled/baked) with veggies-no butter!

Add to that a big glass/bottle of water before bed and after you wake up!


Weekly Workout
We’re all busy; personally and professionally. The key is to make time for you! Organize your workouts. Plan out your fitness schedule, write it down and add it to the calendar as an event you can’t cancel. We’re very fortunate to have a plethora of fitness choices on the Shoreline. Try sometime different.

I suggest SHiFTing 3-4 times a week. The other two days incorporate strength training into your week. Check out our friends at Planet Fitness, SHRED Training, or Quest Fitness. All are great options to supplement the cardio blast you get at SHiFT.

Next week I’ll provide you with a few strength workouts to do anywhere with minimal equipment


Quick Tips

  • Split and Save Strategy: The other day we went out to dinner and I ordered a Grilled Chicken Salad. As soon as my dinner came I asked for a to-go container. Before you even start to enjoy your meal, cut the portion in half. And then BAM, you have a meal for the next day!
  • Fill up with Fiber:  Fresh Greens, fruits and vegetables and beans will help you lose weight because they are low in calories, high in volume and high in critically important nutrients. Basically, they help fill you up without loading you up with fat and calories.


SHiFT Challenge
Eliminate the white- YUP! Pick one from the list and remove it for the week. You’ll quickly notice a difference in your energy levels.

a. Sugar (including any sweetener in your coffee)
b. Flour (Bread, crackers….)
c. Rice
d. Milk/Cream
e. Cheese

The following week, remove another…small manageable steps my friends!

Let’s do It!
It’s time to SHiFT how you FEEL. It’s time to SHiFT how you THINK. And it’s time to SHiFT who you are. If you don’t challenge yourself, you can’t change yourself. When you feel like quitting, we’ll give you the STRENGTH to remember why you started the journey in the first place- and the focus to get where you want to go. YOU are amazing. Can you see it? We can. YOU GOT this.