Meet the Family behind our … Connecticut Spin4Crohn’s and Colitis

People, nationwide are spinning to raise awareness, support and funds to help with these debilitating diseases. Both Wayne and I have been cycling for over 20 years. We have fallen in love with riding at SHiFT, a community of  dedicated “Rockstars” who give back in so many ways. We will put altruism and enthusiasm together for an epic ride  Sunday, November 13th at 11:30 AM.We hope that you all come out and ride for this good cause !

Each pedal stroke will be towards providing resource, research, funding for support groups, new meds and eventually, we believe, to find a cure! You will be riding with friends, co workers, and the best part you will meet new friends as we all find tenacity and teamwork on the road.

Crohn’s and colitis are especially important to us for many reasons. The first is that our daughter suffers with ulcerative colitis. It is hard to see an active 25-year-old cope with the side effects of UC.UC and Crohn’s are such difficult diseases to have. Besides being in constant pain, there is the embarrassment of diarrhea, fatigue and low energy. One must know where a bathroom is at all times, and it has stopped so many from doing what they love to do.

Ironically, my husband, Wayne, is a Gastroenterologist, and has been seeing patients with these diseases for over 30 years. Knowledge helps and support saves. We believe in overcoming our obstacles and we want you to join in the good fight alongside my family.   

I bet every one of you knows someone who is suffering with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Progress has been made in both UC and Crohn’s, but so much more needs to take place. With true SHiFT spirit, we are going to be part of the solution!

So here it is … a way to give back and a way to treat yourself to an amazing experience. I promise it will be a blast!

You don’t have to be a Spinner to come to this event. It will be the ride of your life so we encourage you to saddle up  but the most important thing is that you come on a Sunday Morning to feel the love and help a great cause! There will be plenty of laughter, hugs, food, bloody Mary’s, mimosas and did we mention . . .LOVE!  There will also be  a “teacup” auction at  SHiFT’s Guilford studios and at bellaPerlina for the month of November! So buy some raffle tickets and perhaps you will be the lucky winner of some amazing items.

Donations are always welcome as well – 80 cents on every dollar go to research, patient education and support.

Thank you SHIFT! We can not say how supportive Jenn, Sarah and the entire  staff has been. A big shout out to Kacey, who will be our coach. All about family and connection, we are proud to say that Kacey worked for us  at bellaPerlina since she was 15! She herself is an inspiration and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to ride with her.

See you all on Sunday the 13th!


Written by: Andrea Panullo

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