Meet Mark

Meet Mark. Loyal, Industrious, Athletic, Competitive, Successful . . .and one who has always struggled with his weight.
54 year old, Mark owns and operates a septic and excavating business, Mark has been married an impressive 27 years and is proud Papa to two grown sons. Mark had tried every weight loss remedy he could get his hands on, from diet to medical interventions to pills. Mark continued to work hard, to remain a diligent husband, father and working 7 days a week at the job. The weight did not come off.
Mark has always been an athlete. Rugby Football and legendary ski trips with his two boys. He was feeling beat up from years of rough and tumble exertion. He also recently, had neck surgery fusing three vertebrae in his neck. When he was at at his heaviest 245 pounds, his SHiFTer wife encouraged him to take the ride of his life.
The first class, Mark describes as “a real struggle” It wasn’t just the physical component. It was in our spin sanctuary that Mark realized something.  His whole life, he had put everything before his own self. The kids, the business. . . Mark wondered if there could be a correlation between finally losing the weight and finally finding time for himself.
“I have lost over 20lbs since that first day in class. Not only do I feel great,  I have more energy. . . my whole being is in a much better place”
Now Mark is SHiFTing 3 to 4 times a week! He enjoys all the different instructors and LOVES that leaderboard. “Being competitive”, explains Mark, ” I like how the leaderboard pushes me to set goals, I like getting my stats at the end of class” Mark remembers the moment when it went from trying to get through class, to trying to increase his numbers.   Mark is a 530am Man. Starting his day SHiFTing, helps him gain that power and peace he needs to tackle the long days ahead.
“SHiFT has not only helped me health wise but also mentally everybody in my life has noticed the difference” Mark is a prime example of how we have to put that oxygen mask on ourselves before we take care of all of those around us. Mark’s capacity to be a devoted husband and parent, Mark’s ability to run his business and work those all consuming hours, Mark’s yen for beating that LeaderBoard. . .it all becomes MORE possible because of the SHiFTs he has made on and off of that saddle towards finding what makes him feel good about himself. It may have started as a way to get physically fit, but immersion into the SHiFT-verse, has led to a body and soul revolution.
Mark says it best . . .
“SHiFT has transformed me from a middle age man and getting older to a middle age man and getting younger”
Meet Mark. And get inspired to meet your own potential, one SHiFT at a time!

Written by Guest Blogger Emily Webster 

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