Meet Lauren

Guilford’s Finest

Our newest rockstar is a Guilford native. Lauren is proud of being raised in what she fondly calls a “beautiful town.” Sports and fitness were always a part of her life growing up. When she moved to New York City for work, she continued to seek out physical outlets. Yoga became a mainstay for Lauren. Noticing the significant benefits of the practice, Lauren enrolled in her first yoga teacher training.

” It became one of the most pivotal decisions of my life.”

Lauren started to teach yoga classes before and after work. She visited various yoga studios.  She sought out renowned teachers. That search led Lauren to make a bold and impressive SHiFT.

“My passion for these teachings grew so rapidly. Two years after moving to NYC and completing my 200 yoga teacher training, I decided to leave everything and go to India. I sold all of my possessions from my NYC apartment. I began the journey to become more connected to myself and the world around me”

While in India, Lauren completed her 500-hour yoga teacher certification. After the intrepid move to India, Lauren continued her travels. She taught everywhere she went, including sunset beaches in Maui.

Next on her path, Lauren took on a job at the revered Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. She continued to work, teach, and train. She completed an additional training in Ayurveda. After a few years in Massachusetts, Lauren SHiFTed herself back home.

Coming Home

“After all of my travels and exploration, I returned to the shoreline with a deep appreciation for this area. Appreciation for the ability to be closer to loved ones.  Gratitude for beautiful changes of the seasons.  Welcoming the satisfying pace of life. I look forward to continuing my learnings and sharing them with a community that I hold close to my heart”

SHiFT was reminiscent of the high-end, boutique fitness studios that Lauren once attended in Manhattan. Most importantly, SHiFT offered a tribe of support. Beacuse SHiFTers are eager to learn the beauty and balance of meditation, Lauren found a home for her teachings.

Meaning and Meditation

Lauren was introduced to meditation in her early years of training. She started turning to meditation as an antidote for a stressful job. Mediation also helped her navigate the daily anxieties and emotions that can easily consume us. Lauren proclaims, “Soon enough, meditation became as important as my morning breakfast, there was no way I could go without it in my day”

SHiFTers will now get the opportunity to learn the blessings and benefits of practicing meditation. Lauren speaks towards the deep body and soul connection. She also shares facts from published research steeped in neuroscience, proving the effect this practice has on the brain. Lauren’s meditation series at SHiFT will arm us with tools that we can use in our daily lives.

“It’s important to note that meditation can be done anywhere for any duration. Often people think it’s just another lengthy thing they have to add to their to-do list. But in actuality, it is a transportable practice”

Lauren shares with us that meditation does not mean silencing the mind.“Mindful meditation is more of a practice of observing the thought patterns of the mind non-judgmentally and learning how to navigate through those thought patterns without being controlled by them”

Imagine becoming more appreciative and less anxious. See yourself finding joy (and even laughter) as you delve into the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Our adventurous and generous hometown girl Lauren will SHiFT you into the best mental space of your life.

Written with Blogger Emily Webster