Meet Jenn Kuehn, our Director of Change

SHiFT_Jenn_Kuehn_mdpBorn and bred an athlete, Jenn Kuehn, SHiFT’s owner and Director of Change, looks like she returned from the Olympics with a gold medal around her neck. Her bright orange Jeep says it all… tough, rugged, stylish, approachable and “boundary-less”. As an instructor, Jenn sets the bar high. Her classes are sweaty, fun, upbeat and unexpected. She knows that life is always changing and so should your workout!

Jenn has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. She gives her riders an inner strength they never knew existed. Her “Jennisms” fill the word wall at SHiFT Cycling, encouraging riders to challenge and change themselves daily. Jenn is about as high energy as they come…climb onto the bike and hold on for a guaranteed epic ride!

Signature Ride: Intense and empowering [imagine combining one part instructor, one part life coach, one part cheerleader and one part mind reader…then you have Jenn].

Music: Loves Top 40, throws in a few personal favorites like Pink and Imagine Dragons.

Shoreline tip: Go to Forte’s, Star Fish Market, Café Routier and green smoothies at Food Works (ironic how they all revolve around food!).

Biggest SHiFT: Moving to Guilford as a single parent knowing virtually no one and quickly building an amazing network of friends and family.