Meet Ema

Our New Haven riders pack into Rockstar Ema’s classes to bask in her infectious energy. Our Tokyo born instructor turns each class into an epic journey! It was a journey of Ema’s own that brought her to  SHiFT.
Ema is from Seattle, where her parents still live. She has been on the East Coast since 2006, living in Philly, NYC, Boston and Ithaca. Ema is now in New Haven, heading toward her MBA at Yale’s prestigious School of Management. She is also a newlywed!
Before Ema found her Happy Ever After, it was actually a heart break that SHiFTed her towards spin class. “I started to take spin when I was going through a really terrible breakup in college. I had this thought ‘I can either be sad and just sit on my couch, or I can become hot’ What do hot girls do? They take spin! “
Ema was on a mission. Little did Ema know that she was on her way to the beginning of a new love affair! ” I walked into the spin room and realized that other people in the class were just people, too, like me (not the mythical spin queens I had imagined). I got on the bike, the lights dropped, the music started. . .I fell in love with spin”
Through spin Ema found the time to be introspective, the space to garner self-esteem, and the room to cultivate physical strength. She also found connection, camaraderie and community! ” Everyone in the room was riding for their own reasons and through a chance of fate, we are all here, working together and supporting each other. ” Ema brings that magical synergy of individual motives and collective energy into every one of her classes. 
After teaching Spin in Philly for years, Ema’s life SHiFTed and she found herself at Yale SOM. When she moved to New Haven, she reached out to her best friend’s little brother who just happens to be our Rockstar John Yi. Enter SHiFT!
Anyone in Ema’s presence will agree she has surpassed the Mythical Spin Queen 😉 Her story shows us a perceived obstacle can be an opportunity to find fitness, fun and family!!! 
Don’t miss a chance to find YOUR big SHiFTs, come to Ema’s class.
Written by Blogger Emily Webster