Meet Dawn – #IRiDE to tap into power I don’t even know I have

It is the dawn of a new era for Dawn Bisharat. Dawn’s self proclaimed “Fitness Quest” is one to inspire us all.

At 54 years old, Dawn,  a single working mom, runs a thriving private piano studio with over 30 students and did so while raising two daughters. Now that her daughters are in college, she is SHiFTing her focus towards her own health and well being.

With a mostly sedentary job, where competition is relegated to piano performances, Dawn is ready to SHiFT her story to one of personal growth and victory. When Dawn found SHiFT, she found a sanctuary.

“The lights are down and its my time to really see what I am capable of. Often I don’t know if it’s sweat or tears coming out of my eyes”

For Dawn, there is meaning to every movement. She enjoys the endurance aspect of class, never stopping, being willing to reinvent and persevere. There is power in the Leader Board and salvation in the Lavender Towels, from beginning to end Dawn is finding not just a way to lose weight, but a way to gain strength.

“Just when I think I can’t give anymore. . .you pull it out of me!”

Dawn attributes the encouragement from the instructors as making “THE difference” Jenn Kuehn has emerged as a “guardian angel” for Dawn, but all the ROCKSTAR teachers offer a signature style and savvy. The playlists and the people in each class help to create the environment which Dawn needs to thrive. Team work and tunes that see her through to the finish line.

The shape of that finish line has SHiFTed as well.

“I envisioned my self heading to the finish line and for the first time I saw myself there waiting for ME. My happy, fit and encouraging self. Not a sunset or a man or anything else but myself”

Dawn has won “Biggest Loser” contests before, but results were fleeting, being determined by the confines of a contest as opposed to a concept. Through SHiFTs new nutrition component, Dawn will be ensconced with tangible knowledge on how to get fit and stay fit. In her very first week Dawn saw the scale reflect the amazing way that she felt.

The number one factor to ensure Dawn’s success is her very own ENTHUSIASM. While Dawn finds inspiration from the SHiFT community, we are finding inspiration through HER !!! With her long legs and stellar smile, Dawn has become a SHiFT Rockstar herself, sharing her tears and sweat and stories with us all.

Finding your moment to shine and walking towards the light is a big SHiFT. Thank you for finding that with us!