Meet 12 Year-Old, Early Morning SHiFTer- Flynn Miller

At SHiFT we like to celebrate. We celebrate the ride, we celebrate our stats, we celebrate each other. One SHIFTer in particular that we want celebrate amazes us with her tenacity, her early morning commitments, her stalwart smile and oh yeah did we mention she is 12 years old?

Meet Flynn Miller. Flynn is a 7th grader who has been SHiFTing with us for a year now. Flynn is hard core enough to attend 5:30am sessions with her SHiFTer Father Joe. Flynn is also a regular and welcome presence at our Kids class on Tuesday afternoons.

If you have ever seen Flynn in class, you will be impressed by her show of strength and spirit, a true SHiFTer! She likes climbing hills to Hozier’s “Take me to Church”. She likes sprinting to “Let’s Go” by Ne-Yo, but mostly she likes that for one hour in one room, she gets to be herself. “No one makes fun of you for trying and doing your best,” says Flynn Miller.  Knowing that she will be supported and heralded by her SHiFT community, Flynn has been able to make some big SHiFTs of her own.

This Titanium Tween once struggled with finding a physical outlet that was actually fun. She was searching for a mode of escape and expression, and in SHiFTing she has found just that. Bringing all her energy to every class, Flynn finds a positive charge by her peers and the inspirational instructors.

She is able to carry that positivity with her as she navigates life as a Junior High Student. Flynn has been on what she calls a “healthy lifestyle journey.” She approaches this quest as a road to staying fit, inside and out. Choosing to be positive and strong at age 12, those are SHiFTs that will last a lifetime!

Supported by a wonderful family, Flynn’s motto is “HOPE BRINGS SUNSHINE.

Well ‘Let’s Go” Flynn Miller… you bring our SHiFT community both hope and sunshine. We celebrate all our young SHiFTers. Look for our Adaptive ride, Kids ride and special event family rides!

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger, Emily Webster.