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Instructor Emily Webster wrote an awesome blog post reminding us that success with our fitness goals doesn’t have to be linked to the scale. The journey, the way you feel and your overall energy, patience, motivation… are the measurements that truly matter the most.  You have worked hard in the New Year to created lasting, positive habit…. celebrate your accomplishments.

The Tools
Many of you have asked for my favorite ways to help you physically track your success.  There are three I would like to highlight:

1. Before & After Photos- It is true, a picture says a thousand words. Because we see ourselves every day in the mirror, we often don’t see the changes that others do. If you don’t have a before picture, no problem. Get out the photo album and look for a past picture.  And, snap a picture today so you will have another point of comparison!

2. Fitbit Surge- I’m not a huge fan of the devices but this one is on my wish list! For the tech SHiFTers this tracks everything: GPS, distance, walking, running and SHiFTing! In addition it monitors continuous heart rate, all-day activity stats and sleep. And even more it includes smart notifications and music control. Trust me, it rocks!

3. Apps- Most of us use apps for everything Facebook, banking and just about everything you can imagine. I’m a fan of using Mapmyfitness and Runkeeper to track my mileage and share my successes with friends on social media. MyFitnessPal is a great one known for tracking food and activity. As a part of our SHiFTing and LiFTing (see our video with a 20 min. strength workout), check out Jefit. This app is a great resource to help build your strength training foundation. The free version has sponsored advertising and the paid one does not. Either way you’re getting a library of functional movements and weight exercised to help SHiFT your fitness to new levels.

Keep it in Check
Using tools like before and after photos, apps and trackers are great tools to drive accountability and help you break your goals down into daily, weekly or monthly milestones. They are an essential part of the process, as long as you don’t lose site of the big picture. What matters most is your commitment to making healthy changes in your life that will SHiFT you mentally as well as physically.